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  UniC project  

Project: "UniC - Finnish-Russian university cooperation for creating business competence".

Volume of Russian-Finnish economic cooperation constantly increases. Rapid growth of Russian economy creates wide range of possibilities for extension and development of collaboration in various fields of activity both for Russian and Finnish companies.

At the same time, further development of business connections between Russian and Finnish companies makes necessary the broadening of knowledge about possibilities of data accessing about the business life and, first of all, about the business environment abroad.

The goal of UniC project is development of business contacts and cooperation between cross-border regions of Russia and Finland on the basis of partner universities cooperation in a field of dissemination of knowledge and information about the business environment of companies' functioning.

The central idea of the project is to develop business-competencies of the participating companies' representatives on the basis of combination of experience and knowledge as well as results of various researches of Finnish and Russian partner universities. This means that Finnish companies will be able to use experience and get consultations at the appropriate departments of St Petersburg universities for development of their competencies related to understanding of Russian business environment. In turn, Russian entrepreneurs may receive similar information at Finnish partner universities.

The basis for implementation of this idea is identification of urgent needs of business and concrete companies in Russia and Finland, and first of all, those resulted from the development strategy of cross-border regions of both countries.

The main target groups are heads and experts of the companies operating in fields of environmental protection technologies improvement and health care organisation. Both these fields are mentioned as high-priority goals in the plans of strategic development of cross-border regions, especially in Paijat-Hame, Kymenlaakso and South Karelia as well as in St Petersburg and Leningrad region. Exactly in these fields there exist new opportunities for business, and UniC partner universities have accumulated sufficient experience in cooperation with enterprises involved in the abovementioned fields.

As a result of Russian-Finnish collaboration, improved programmes of basic and additional education, as well as researches and consulting services in the priority fields, defined by UniC project, might be proposed for regional companies and organizations managing business and industry development. Forms and methods of cooperation together with the ways of its further development will be summarized as a programme of partner universities' activities for 2008-2012.

UniC project is financed by the European Union
within the frameworks of the New Neighbourhood programme.

On Finnish side implementation of the project is financed through INTERREG IIIA South-East Finland - Russia
Period of project implementation: 01.12.06 - 31.12.07 (13 months)

Budget: € 153 589

On Russian side implementation of the project is financed through TACIS
Period of project implementation: 25.04.07 - 24.08.08 (16 months)

Budget: € 99 938

UniC total budget: € 253 527 (IR € 153 589, Tacis € 99 938)

UniC partners:

On Russian side:

Higher Economic School of St Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance
Institute of International Educational Programmes of St Petersburg Polytechnic University

On Finnish side:

Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education of Helsinki University

UniC goals:

  • Development of Russian-Finnish cooperation in business-activity on the basis of examination of partner countries' specific features.
  • Formation of new mechanisms of interaction and cooperation among universities and enterprises of Russia and Finland.

UniC tasks:

  • Dissemination of business-knowledge, know-how on the basis of training programmes creation and carrying out of research (consulting) activity by Finnish and Russian universities.
  • Organisation of forums and meetings for development of cooperation among universities and business-enterprises of Russian and Finnish cross-border regions.
  • Organisation of training periods for managers and experts of enterprises participating in the project.
  • Organisation of thematic seminars and workshops.
  • Planning of other university services developing knowledge about business-environment for the enterprises participating in the project.

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